Christmas Hope 2017

As the Sun fades into the darkness of winter and coldness surrounds us all, we sometimes find our hearts growing forlorn and discontent.  There is a feeling of ominousness as winter approaches. And then there is a hope – a hope of Christmas Day. Thanks be to God! Our hope and our light is found not in the weather and seasons of nature, but in that little child born on that Christmas Day.

As your pastor, I myself have found a dark line as I go through physical ailments and being away from home. But I must share with you in truth, that though the times have been hard and painful, the promise of Christmas Day has kept me alive and excited. The music, the lights and colors, and most of all the good friends, the brothers and sisters who pray for me, who pray for each other, who pray for our ministry have kept me going. Thank you for all that. We are have a Christ who unites us so. Let us continue in this New Year knowing that our Lord is the Light of the world. And let us share that light with all.

In Christ,

Pastor Chuck and Lin